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By Jonathan D. Spence

China has transfixed the West because the earliest contacts among those civilizations. together with his attribute splendor and perception, Jonathan Spence explores how the West has understood China over seven centuries. starting from Marco Polo's personal depiction of China and the potent Khan, Kublai, within the 1270s to the China sightings of 3 twentieth-century writers of said genius-Kafka, Borges, and Calvino-Spence conveys Western notion on China via a notable array of expression. Peopling Spence's account are Iberian adventurers, Enlightenment thinkers, spinners of the dreamy cult of Chinoiserie, and American observers equivalent to Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Ezra Pound, and Eugene O'Neill. Taken jointly, those China sightings let us know as a lot in regards to the self-image of the West as approximately China. "Wonderful. . . . Spence brilliantly demonstrates [how] iteration after new release of Westerners [have] requested themselves, 'What is it . . . that held this extraordinary, diversified, and immensely populous land together?' "--New York occasions e-book Review

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