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By Fred G. Martin

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If a robot's connectors are built sloppily, hardware problems will occur. Well-built connectors will help make the robot more reliable overall and will ease development diculties. Sensors and motors are built with integral wiring; that is, a sensor or motor will have a xed length of wire terminating in a connector. It is possible to build extension cables, but it is more time-ecient to build cables that are the proper length already. The average robot has its control electronics near the physical center of the robot; hence, motors and sensor cables need to reach from the center of the robot to their mounting position.

18: Expansion Board Male Header Pin Placement 2{2 Check continuity (resistance) between power and ground of the board. Power and ground can be located in the prototyping area. Resistance should increase as the board capacitor charges. There should be a reading of between one and ten kilo-ohms. If there is a reading of zero ohms, or near zero ohms, the board has a power short. Do not proceed with testing until this is corrected. 3{2 Install ICs in the board, observing correct polarity: U17{74HC374 U18{74HC4051 U19{74HC4051 U20{74HC4051 U21{L293D.

17). These pins are then soldered from the top, component side of the board. Be careful to make sure the pins are mounted perfectly normal to the surface of the Expansion Board, as there are quite a few pins that must all mate properly with the Microprocessor Board. 18 for pin placement. 2 Testing the Expansion Board As with the Microprocessor Board, run through the following checklist before mounting the chips into the Expansion Board. Thorough testing will be performed in lab. 1{2 Check the solder side of the board for proper solder connections.

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